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Thanks for stopping by! Sophie's Mart is a heartwarming e-commerce platform currently dedicated to the love of coffee. Named after my beloved grandmother, Sophie E. Youmans, whom I spent every childhood summer with in which many cherished memories were made seeing her provide essential products out of her back porch store to the local community of Kennedy Park in Allendale, SC. 


At Sophie’s Mart,  we strive to encapsulate the warmth, comfort, and joy of those times in every product we offer. Our selection of coffee is not just about taste, but about reliving the nostalgia of sipping on Grandma Sophie's lovingly brewed coffee. At Sophie's Mart, we're not just selling coffee, we're sharing a piece of our family's tradition with you.


I hope that you enjoy our products and stay in touch. You’re part of the family now 😁


Best Regards, 

Alex Moses, Owner/Founder of Sophie’s Mart LLC


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